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    Whale Season at Amity Point - The Best of Both Worlds

by Helaina Bannister on Wednesday June 7th

My partner and I recently moved to North Stradbroke Island after a year of struggles and heartache from a near-death motorbike accident and after two weeks at Amity Point, immersed in mother nature, our healing has well and truly begun!

I’m sure you have felt at some point in your life, you needed a break in a beautiful place to figure everything out or just recharge your batteries. What better holiday destination and time of year to take the kids, your loved one or even a group of friends than Straddie during Whale Season?

Not only is there no better land-based vantage point to spot the majestic humpback whale than North Stradbroke Island, it’s winter in Queensland! Picture perfect, sunny, lazy days with a good chance of spotting a dolphin from the beach or your own private jetty. Pleasantly cool & snuggly nights, reason enough for a hot chocolate with the tribe around a bonfire.

As I sit here writing this, the fish must be biting because a group of fishermen are celebrating a few jetties down, taking happy snaps of what looks like a Tuna. I’m no expert but it looks big!

That’s the beauty of Amity. It faces Moreton Bay so you have the calm bay fishing off the jetty, public swimming enclosure and not to mention the breath-taking shades of pink & orange across the horizon at sunset. Walk a little further onto Flinders Beach and you have the wave break for surf fishing and sunbaking. Please note these beaches are not patrolled and require a Vehicle Access Permit obtained from Straddie Camping.

Both options are far enough away from the steep slopes & ‘tourist’ vibe of Point Lookout but only a short 10-15 min car drive on a freshly sealed road to the iconic North Gorge Headlands.

If you’re a South-East Queensland resident or driving to Straddie, I would highly recommend packing up the car (don't forget the fishing and water sports gear) and catch the vehicle ferry, which is $50-$70 each way; departing from Cleveland, Brisbane. Bookings can be made through Stradbroke Ferries.

Interstaters have the option of hiring a sedan for $66 a day or $99 a day for a ute at Stradbroke Island car rentals. Give Rob a call 0418734456 and he might be able to hook you up with a special price. Stradbroke Island Buses have a charter from Amity to Dunwich via Point Lookout five times a day for a couple of gold coins and there is a local taxi service if you don’t mind paying that little bit extra.

Either way I think the car option is worth the freedom to explore all corners of the Island in your own time. But don’t take my word for it. Stradbroke local & avid whale-watcher, Jennie Truman agrees you should be patient and enjoy the relaxing experience.

Jennie said the best way to witness the great migration is with a picnic brunch at Whale Rock or Norm’s seat lookout and splendor at the turtles, sharks, dolphins & kangaroos while you wait for that telling blow, tail slap or breach. Weather permitting; you may even HEAR these behaviors from your picnic rug.

“I’ve been woken by the sound of the whale blow and tail slaps from my bed,” The Blue /Green Room Café Owner says.  

Jennie and husband John have been recording the migration of humpback whales for close to 22 years, which is now affectionately known as the Truman Count; tracking pod size, behaviors, markings & travel paths.

“Recently we’ve found females traveling north with their calves, whereas in earlier years, we’d only see babies going south with their mothers,” Jennie says.

“The last of the north traveling whales are seen at the end of June to Mid July.”

“The week of the 26th of June is historically peak week for high whale numbers. You would easily see over a hundred whales in a day,” Jennie says.

If you prefer a guided whale tour, Straddie local David Thelander at Straddie Kingfisher tours has over two decades of first-hand experience chasing the cetaceans and claims to have counted 320 whales in a day last year around the 12th of July!

With binoculars provided on the tour, you can even see the barnacles on the whale’s skin! Now that is close enough for me without getting seasick on a charter!

So why not take advantage of Straddie Sales & Rentals Winter Special of 15% off your holiday accommodation during the months of June, July and August. Treat yourself and take that relaxing, enriching getaway to the quiet side of Straddie this winter whale season.