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    Whale and Dolphin Watching Stradbroke Island

Whale and Dolphin Watching Stradbroke Island

Ok, it's not officially in or on the water, but with such fabulous vantage points for dolphin and whale watching, Straddie is the place to meet and greet some of our favourite marine life. At the Amity jetty, a pod of dolphins regularly visits in the afternoons. It all started a few decades ago when the locals got lights put in at the Jetty to attract fish to catch in the evenings. The fish arrived, attracted by the lights... soon followed by the dolphins. The Dolphins soon learnt that small fish, caught by those fishing off the Jetty were an easy target when thrown back into the water... and over time they "trained" the fishermen to make things even easier for them and to simply hand the fish to them.

It's not often you get the chance to see these gorgeous creatures in the wild, so it's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed. But be sensible about it. These are large, wild animals and they need to be treated with respect. Flash photography whilst tempting, blinds the dolphins and a single flash photograph will send them away for the evening, never to return.

Respect this opportunity for a level of interaction with these wild animals for what it is and it will continue.

Looking to spot a whale or two? The cliffs around Point Lookout are the best place on the island to pull up a pew. During whale season (mid-July to November) there's a good chance you might spot whales as they swim close to shore. Turtles and manta rays are just two other marine animals that can be found in this area. Late in the season whales can also be spotted exiting Moreton Bay through South Passage - right past our waterfront properties at Amity.

And More Options

There's no denying that North Stradbroke Island is a haven for those who love sun and sea. Yet there's plenty on offer beyond the ocean. The island's interior is home to several lakes and lagoons, which together make up one of the world's most ecologically important wetlands. You can bushwalk or take a stroll around the lakes, enjoy a picnic or join an eco tour to learn just what makes this area so unique, and so important.

Stradbroke Island is also home to cafes, takeaways and restaurants, a couple of bars with views, great markets, a fabulous museum, and galleries where you can see the handiwork of local artisans. There's no shortage of general and water activities on Stradbroke, and no shortage of great Stradbroke accommodation options. What's more, you can choose a holiday rental to suit. Whether you're a couple, family or travelling with friends, we have a quality selection of holiday homes and houses to suit.